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Not Forgotten

Soldiers' Rest CSA Cemetery  Vicksburg, Mississippi

Above is Soldiers' Rest as seen from the east. Five thousand or more CSA soldiers rest here.
Two to three thousand more interred here are unknown -- we are always seeking their names.
We treasure their countless sacrifices.
They are
not forgotten.

Index of All Known CSA Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest

Index of Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill Cemetery

Known CSA at Anshe Chesed Jewish Cemetery


               CSA by State






Louisiana Grouping




Union Men of Missouri
at Soldiers Rest
-- W. Baxter
-- Andrew J. Foley
-- John B. O'Donnell
-- John C. Rich

North Carolina

South Carolina


CSA Soldiers
at nearby Anshe Chesed,
Vicksburg's Jewish Cemetery



Wirt Adams

CSA Officers and Soldiers

CSA Medical Personnel




Citizens of Vicksburg Killed by Enemy Action

Douglas the Camel
and the 43rd Miss Inf

Our Jewish CSA Soldiers

in Vicksburg National Cemetery
-- Charles B. Brantley, Ark.
-- Robert T. Skelton, Miss.
-- Reuben H. White, Tex.


Our Monument to
Our Confederate Dead

The monument was dedicated
in 1893.

"Defeat and poverty cannot check homage to the memory of these fallen men. It is a duty to preserve the record and honor of such sacrifice, such privations, such patriotism, such endurance of hardship. This is why we raise monuments to our honored dead."

-- Gen. Stephen Dill Lee
at the dedication of the monument

The Story of This Confederate Burial Ground

A Short History of Soldiers' Rest

Cooper Wells Memorial Markers

Memorial Day at Soldiers' Rest 2015, 2016

Scenes In and Around Soldiers' Rest

Re-Dedication of Soldiers' Rest 2013

Patience Potticary Gamble

A Pet Goose Marches with Band

What do coins on a headstone mean?


Read about Douglas
the Camel's coins
and the dinosaur
on his marker.

Memorial Services -
· Pvt. Preston Wall (Mo.) 
· Pvt. Edwin Josiah Benton and Pvt. Lafayette J. Benton (La.) 
· Pvt. Jesse Bailey (Miss.)
Born 1735   Died 1862 --

At 127 years old, this Unknown is fondly called the oldest soldier in Soldiers Rest!

The Monument to Our Confederate Dead
has four engraved panels.
(Photos by Bryan Skipworth)

East Panel

Here rests some few of those
who vainly brave
died for the land they loved
but could not save.

South Panel

In memory of

The men from all states

Of the South who fell in

The defense of Vickburg

During a siege of 47 days

May 18 to July 3, 1863 – a defense

Unsurpassed in the annals

Of war for heroism, endurance

Of hardship, and patriotic devotion.

“We care not whence they came,

Dear in their lifeless clay

Whether unknown, or known to fame,

Their cause and country still the same.

They died – and they wore the gray.“

West Panel

Our dead are mourned forever

Through all the future ages.

In history and in story

Their fame shall shine,

Their name shall twine;

They need do greater glory,

Tenderly fall our tears

Over their lifeless clay

Here lie the dead who fought and bled

And fell in garb of gray

Ours the fate of the vanquished

Whose heartaches never cease

Ours the tears

Regrets and tears,

Theirs the eternal peace.

North panel

 Building Committee
[for monument]

Mrs. M. A. Stevens

Mrs. T. W. Preston.

Mrs. F. J. Hoffman
D. A. Campbell

Evening in the Mississippi section with kudzu-covered hills and magnolia tree in bloom. The visitor stands before the row commemorating CSA officers. The bronze plaque in the lower center of the picture commemorates the service of the Sisters of Mercy during the War Between the States.

Photo by Bryan Skipworth

The sign at the gate to Soldiers' Rest.

Soldiers Rest

by Joel T. Bailey, J. C. Pemberton Camp's Poet

The wind blows softly
over the many rows of stone
That are silent reminders
Of the men now long gone

Many people over the years
Have walked here with care
Searching for the name
Of one whose blood they share

From all walks of life
And from all over this land
They came to these wooded hills
To make their final stand


For the love of their homeland
They paid the ultimate price
Standing together as one
To make this sacrifice

They'll always be remembered
As the South's very best
Bonded together for eternity
Here at Soldiers Rest

CSA Soldiers
at nearby Anshe Chesed,
Vicksburg's Jewish Cemetery

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"Teach your children who these dead men were. Tell them of their lofty courage. Instruct them in their virtues."

-- Capt Ellis, Confederate Memorial Day, 1874, on the dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta.