Union Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest
Vicksburg, Mississippi



A. J. Floey  [Foley]
Co. D
29 Mo Inf
Jan 31, 1863

This man, Andrew J. Foley, was actually a Union soldier, accidentally buried with the Confederates at Soldiers' Rest.

The 29th Mo. Inf, Co. D, was a Union regiment.
Missouri CSA had no infantry designations greater than 20.

Foley entered service as Corporal and was a Sergeant when he was "Killed in action at the Battle of Chickasaw Hills [Chickasaw Bayou], Vicksburg, Dec. 29/62."

The Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Sexton's Log data lists Foley on pg. 21, "A. J. Foley, Co D 29 Mo, Jan 31, 1863."

Fisher Funeral Home Records* lists "Foley, A. J., 31 Jan 1863; Federal Co. D 29 Mo. Reg.; City [Vicksburg] Hospital; Grave 726."


*Ragland, Fisher Funeral Home Records, Vicksburg, Mississippi 1854-1867, pg. 139.




Casualty sheet for Andrew J. Foley
Sergeant, Co. D, 29th Reg.
Infantry, Missouri
Nature of casualty: Death
Cause of casualty: Killed in action
By whom certified: W. H. Rogers, Capt. [see image below]
Date of discharge, death, etc.: December 29 '62
Place of discharge, death, etc.: Chicksaw Hills, Miss.
From what source this information was obtained: Reg Dec Soldiers Vol (4) 62

For the compiled service records of Andrew J. Foley, see

Shown below are two cards from the compiled service record of the Union captain
William H. Rogers.

He is the man who certified the death of Andrew J. Foley.

This is a card from the compiled service record of Foley's captain, William R. Rogers.
Here, he is still a 2nd Lieutenant. He was in the action at Chickasaw Bayou.
The penciled asterisk indicates a discrepancy in the spelling of the last name.
(In fold3.com, he is listed as William H Rogers.)

For the compiled service records of William H. Rogers see

All of the records for both Andrew J. Foley and William H. Rogers
are from the UNION section of fold3.com

Thanks to Eddy Cresap for spotting and researching this and several other Union "guests"
at Soldiers' Rest.


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