Union Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest
Vicksburg, Mississippi



[John B. O'Donnell]
Co. B
27 Mo Inf
CSA [Union]
Jun 6 1863

This man, actually a Union soldier, was accidentally buried with the Confederates at Soldiers' Rest.

The 27th Mo. Inf, Co. B, was a Union regiment.
Missouri CSA had no infantry designations greater than 20.

John O'Donnell enrolled 15 Aug 1862 at Chillicothe, Mo., for a period of three years. He mustered in at Benton Barracks, Mo., 12 Sep 1862, age 27. He was a 5th Sergeant.

Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Sexton's Log, pg. 35, lists a John B. Odannell, Co. B 27th Mo, June 6..

Fisher Funeral Home Records* lists "O'Donel, John B., 6 Jun 1863; Co. B 27 Mo."

*Ragland, Fisher Funeral Home Records, Vicksburg, Mississippi 1854-1867, pg. 175.


John B. O'Donnell entered service as a
5th Sergeant and on his death was a Private.

5th Sergt. John O'Donnell, age 27, mustered in 12 Sep 1862 at Benton Barracks, Mo.

On returning from desertion, he was reduced from 4th Sergeant to Private on 8 Jan 1863.


The company muster roll for May-Jun 1863 shows O'Donnell a "Prisoner of War in Vicksburg. Captured while running the blockade May 3 1863."

The company muster roll for Nov-Dec 1863 states he had been a prisoner since 3 May. "This soldier is supposed to have died while in the hands of the enemy."

The company muster roll for Jan-Feb 1864 states only, "Missing in action May 3 - 63 at Vicksburg Miss."

The 27 Mo Inf, Co. B, mustered out in Washington, D.C., 13 Jun 1865. O'Donnell's record shows that he was "Blown up while running Blockade at Vicksburg Miss May 3/63 and not heard of since."

Casualty sheet for John B. O'Donnell, 27 Mo Inf, Co. B, states, "Prisoner of War in Vicksburg. Capt. while running the blockage May 3/63." They give their source for their information as the May - Jun 1863 muster roll.

Under "Remarks" section -- "Muster Out roll dated June 13/65 repts him, '[John O'Donnell] Blown up while running the blockade at Vicksburg Miss. May 3/63 not heard from since.'"

Images from compiled service record at www.fold3.com/image/272/232213766/

Thanks to Eddy Cresap for spotting and researching this and several other Union "guests" at Soldiers' Rest.


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