CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill Cemetery
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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All locations are in Mississippi unless otherwise noted. Veterans are not interred in Soldiers' Rest proper,
though many chose to be buried on the edge of that Confederate burial area to be near their fellow
soldiers. Others are interred singly or in family lots scattered throughout Cedar Hill Cemetery, also
called City Cemetery.

This list grows as names and information are added. Many veterans do not have
Veterans Administration grave markers but have instead civilian markers. Often their Confederate service is not mentioned on civilian markers, so they are not as quickly identified as veterans.

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Ackerman, Frederick and his substitute Elihu W. Addison

Adams, Rololpho

Aden, James P.

Aiken, John

Alexander, Reason B.

Ammon, John G.

Askew, Dr. James Barnes

Askew, Jeremiah Bush

Auter, Solomon Brecount


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Balfour, Emma

Balfour, W. T.

Barnett, James R., Dr.

Bass, Jessee 

Battle, Michael F.

Beauchamp, James

Beauchamp, W. T.

Beer, David

Bell, William Tyree  

Bigelow, Milton Henry 

Billet, James T.

Birchett, George Keith

Birchett, Theophilus G.

Blackwell, Joseph Brown 

Bobb, Charles

Bobb, Charles Parmentier

Bobb, John

Bolls, David S.

Booth, David W.

Booth, Roswell B.

Borchert, Charles F.

Borman, Frederick, Sr.

Bowden, James

Bowers, Alexander

Boyts, John H.

[Brick, John E. 

Bruner, J. P.

Butts, Edward S.

Butts, John

Byrne, Edward


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Cameron, Dr. Granville Alexander

Campbell, Duncan A.

Campbell, James

Campbell, Robert

Capers, Le Grand G.

Carmillo, Nicklas

Cashman, John Gordon

Catching, Thomas J. 1829 - 1879

Catchings, Thomas Clendinen 1847 - 1927

Cathell, John

Chamberlain, William M.

Cisco, Evert B.

Clark, John 

Clark, Robert A.

Cloud, Daniel Mountjoy

Cloud, George W.

Coffee, John

Collier, John Marshall

Collier, W. A.

Comer, Ephraim

Conklin, Andrew J.

Conklin, James William  

Connell, John

Cooper, Newton

Countryman, Robert, 

Countryman, William P. 

Cowan, James Jones

Cowan, Ludwell B.

Cowan Warren F. 

Cox, Aaron A.

Creecy, William Pryor

Crichlow, John B.

Crump, G. E.

Crump, Henry Crump

Crump, Henry, b. 1843; d. 5 Sep 1866

Crump, R. H.

Crump, R. H., b. 1846; d. 1878.

Crutcher, George C.


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Dabney, Marye

Dabney, Thomas G.

Davis, Clement "Clem"

Davison, Eles B.

Dedman, Marcus

DeKnight (seen also as DeNight), David Wesley  

Denio, Heman

Denio, W. [William] H.

Dent, Joseph Frank

Dent, M. P., Capt.

Dickson, Thomas Hyde

Donovan, David S. 


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Eatmon, E. C.

Edwards, Benjamin Charles

Eggleston, Edmund Trent

Ernwine, George


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Fairchild, William Anner

Feeney, Patrick

Fischel, Leon Interred in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Flanagan, Andrew J.

Fleckenstein, John

Flowerree, Charles Conway

Flowerree, D. W.

Flowers, James

Folkes, Augustus A. 

Folkes, Ben

Folkes, Henry C.  

French, Alexander A.

French, Samuel

Fuller, William Henry

Fulton, Henry 


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Gainer, Elie

Garvey, J. H.

Geesler, Augustus A.

Geiger, Otto

George, William

Genasci, Daniel G.

Gibbs, Thomas J.

Gibson, Tobias, 1833 - 1899  

Godley, John M.

Gotthelf, Bernard H. 

Grant, Robert C.  

Green, Andrew Jackson

Greene, William L.

Groome, John J.

Guider, Benjamin F.

Gusdofer, Jacob  Interred in nearby
 Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Gusdofer, Morris  Interred in nearby  Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Gussio, Florian L.


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Hammett, William Lundie

Hanes, J. W.

Hanes, Thomas J.,

Hanna, Robert R.

Hardenstein, Dr. Augustus Otto

Hardy, N. L.

Harris, Richard W. 

Harrison, John P.

Harrison, William S.

Haver, Adam

Haver, Michael

Hazelett, James W., Sr.

Hazelett, James W., Jr.

Heath, John

Heisenbuttle, Samuel Mackey (see Mackey, Samuel)

Hebron, Daniel N.

Hennegan, Patrick

Hiley, John

Hindman, Benjamin Carlisle

Hicks, Benjamin I. (also seen as Benjamin J.)

Hicks, John R.

Hicks, Joseph Granville 

Hicks, Joseph T. 

Hobart, John H.

Hoffman, Francis J. P.

Hoffman, Louis Ferdinand Alexander

Hoggat, Nathaniel

Holden, David 

Holler, Gus

Hopkins, George F.

Hopkins, William A.

Hopper, David  

Hornthal, Louis  Interred in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Howard, George Wilberforce., M.D. 

Hughes, Michael W.

Hunt, James M., Dr.


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Inglehart, O. S., M.D. 

Ingersoll, W. K.


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Jett, Thomas Hungerford

Johnson, William Henry 

Jones, John E.


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Kain, Charles M.

Kain, H. H.

Kain, John R.

Keefe, Pat H., Sr.

Kellogg, Charles W.

Kelly, William, M.D.

Kern, John Thomas

King, Edwin

King, Horatio N.

King, James M. H.

King, Wilbur F.

Klein, George Marion

Klein, Julius Nelson

Kleinman, Euly 

Kuhn, A. B.  Interred in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Kuykendall, Henry C.


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LaBarre, George Pascalis

Langston, J. G.

Lassiter, Francis M.

Lauderdale, John F.

Laughlin, Jefferson D.

Lawrence, Frank S.

Ledbetter, Capt. T. G.

Legg, Daniel M.

Levy, Daniel S. 

Lewis, F. W.

Lightcap, Foster

Lowry, T. S. 

Lyons, Joseph 


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Mackey, Samuel H.  

Maganos, Joseph L.

Magnon, James Felix

Magruder, L. W.

Marsh, George W.

Marsh, William

Marshall, Charles K., the Rev.

Marshall, George

Marshall, Martin

Martin, David D.

Martin, Simmons R.

Martin, William W.

Mattingly, A. D.

Mattingly, J. B.

McBryde, A., Capt.

McClellen, Benjamin F.

McCray, William Vick

McGinnis, J. J. (also seen as Mayginis)

McGuffie, Mac Albert

McGuire, Michael

McKenna, Jerry

McMahan, William

McMullen, John, Sgt. 

McQuaide, John C.

McRae, John R.

McRaven, Dameron J.

McSweeney, Patrick 

Mengis, Chris

Miller, Gideon

Miller Jacob R. 

Mitchell, Charles Jouett

Mitchell, Joseph D.

Moore, William G.

Morgan, James P.

Morris, Thomas C.  

Mullin, Joseph H.

Murch, Robert J. 

Myers, Henry “Hen”


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Nauen, Herman

Neely, Austin

Newell, John David S.

Newman, James A.

Newman, Willliam

Nicholson, William H.,

Noland, Henry Pearise 

Nolley, A. Y.

Norton, Thomas J.


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O'Leary, Richard

O'Riley, John M. 

Oates, William E.

Oliver, Benjamin F.

Owens, Edward F.


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Parker, Joseph W.

Parks, Samuel G.

Paxton, Robert E.

Paxton, William C.

Peale, John A.

Pegram, G. G.

Peine, Charles

Pettway, John Robert 

Phelan, Daniel

Piazza, Frank

Porter, James C. and W. C., brothers

Preston, Thomas Wilson

Price, William

Purnell, William ("Mispah")   

Putnam, Sam


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Quine, Lemuel F.



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Raum, W. C.

Richards, George S.

Richardson, Richard

Richie, John Robert

Riggan, J. B.

Ring, Jerry

Riser, John Adam

Ritchie, John Robert

Robbins, Samuel Davis

Rockwood, W. M.

Rogan, Lloyd W.

Rundeburg, John I.

Russell, Frank B.  


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Sanders, William

Sartorius, Philip Interred in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Searles, James M.

Seay, Joseph S.

Shearer, Phares Waldo

Shelton, Samuel Mosley

Short, William 

Sibley, H. B.

Sibley, H. C.   

Smedes, Thomas Marshall

Smith, C. H., Rev.

Smith, Thomas Russell

Smollen, Joseph

Sparrow, John. G.

Speyerer, George

Stevens, W. H.

Sthreshley, R. Thornton

Strealey, Lee Alexander

Stricker, Brotherton R.

Strother, James T.

Swett, Charles, Maj.


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Teller, Emanuel  Interred in nearby Anshe Chesed Cemetery.

Templeton, J. F.

Thames, Rev. Samuel Monroe

Thompson, John H.

Thompson, Thomas J.  

Thompkins, George H.

Treanor, Thomas

Trescott, Austin A.

Trowbridge, Albert B.

Turley, Felix R.

Turner, William H.


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Urquhart, Thomas N.


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Vandenburg, D. C.

Vosburg, W. Mason


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Wahl, John M.

Walsh, James H. (d. 1876)

Walsh, James H (d. 1911)

Walsh, John, Col.

Waltham, William Thomas

Warner, Austin

Waters, Hamilton

Watkins, Maerne M.

Watts, Nathan G.

West, Amelius C.

West, Hector R., Jr.

Whitehead, Peter F.

Wilkerson, Harris

Woolfork, John H.

Worrell, William O.


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Yeiser, Archibald L.

Yoste, George W.

Yoste, Henry


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