Union Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest
Vicksburg, Mississippi



W. Baxter
32 Mo Inf
May 13, 1863

This man, Corp. William Baxter, was actually a Union soldier, accidentally buried with the Confederates at Soldiers' Rest.

The 32nd Mo. Inf was a Union regiment.
Missouri CSA had no infantry designations greater than 20.

Baxter signed on 15 Aug 1862 in Rolla, Mo.

He was "On detached service (since May 2 [1863]) to run the Blockade at Vicksburg."

He was "Killed in running the Blockade at Vicksburg Miss May 2, 1863."

Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Sexton's Log, pg. 31, lists a W. Baxter or Backster, 32nd Mo., May 15, 63.

Fisher Funeral Home Records* lists "Backster, W.,15 May 1863; 32 Mo.; Hosp. No. 2; Grave 1094."

*Ragland, Fisher Funeral Home Records, Vicksburg, Mississippi 1854-1867, pg. 113.







William Baxter was a Corporal in 32 Mo Inf, Co. D


Declaration of Recruit

I, William Baxter, desiring to enlist in the Army of the United States, for the term of Three Years, do declare, that I am Nineteen years and __ months of age; that I have neither wife nor child; that I have never been discharged from the United States service on account of disability or by sentence of a court martial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier for three years.

[signed] William Baxter

Given at Rolla, Mo.
The 15th day of August 1862
Witness A. A. Laurence







(See left) This company muster-in roll of 20 Oct 1862, notes that for signing up for three years, William Baxter was on 25 Oct 1862 paid bounty of $25.00, as well as a two dollar prem. (premium?)

William Baxter "joined for duty August fifteenth 1862" as 2nd Lieutenant. The note in the margin states he
was also a mustering officer. He enlisted in Rolla, Missouri, signing up as a "Soldier in the Volunteer Service of the United States, for the period of Three Years."

He states was born in Gasconville Co., Mo., and was by occupation a blacksmith.

At the bottom of the paper we read, "This soldier has grey eyes, dark hair, dark complexion,
is six feet __ inches high."

A request of "31 Oct/83" for information on
the death of William Baxter, Co. G, 32 Mo Inf.


The company muster roll for May-June 1863.


The company muster roll for July-Aug 1863. "Supposed to have been lost on Steam Tug
in running the Blockade at Vicksburg Miss
May 2, 63."

"KIlled in running the Blockade at Vicksburg Miss
May 2, 1863."

Corp. Baxter was 19 when he signed on. He was
last paid 28 Feb 1863, and his death was noted
on the Muster-out Roll at the end of the war at
Louisville, Ky., 18 Jul 1865.

This Casualty Sheet gives day and believed cause of death for William Baxter, here shown as having rank of Private [most likely an error]. He was "Supposed to have been lost on steam tug in running blockade at..." [unfinished]

The Jul-Aug 1863 muster roll was the source of information for this death of 2 May 1863.

Cards from compiled service record at www.fold3.com/image/272/232674729/


Thanks to Eddy Cresap for spotting and researching this and several other Union "guests" at Soldiers' Rest.

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