Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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Photos by Bryan Skipworth

W. H. Stevens
June 23, 1815
Oct 13, 1866

This  is the base of the tall monument shown at right. He shares this monument with  W. H. Denio.


At right is the Stevens-Denio lot at Cedar Hill.
The tall monument is topped by a draped urn.



The compiled service record of W. H. Stevens is at


W. H. Stevens enlisted 21 Mar 1862 at Corinth, signing up for three years.

Card mistakenly showing his name as Stevens, H. W., rather than W. H.


W. H. Stevens served through the war and, at the end of the war, was paroled as a prisoner of war 31 May 1865.


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