Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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J. G. Sparrow
Jan. 31, 1831
April 24, 1899
1st Miss. Lt. Artillery

Chickasaw bayou.
Champion Hill.


Sparrow, John. G., b. 1831, SC; d. 1898; 1st Miss. Lt. Arty., Co. A. When he enlisted 22 Mar 1862 in Jackson, Miss., he was age 29, he resided at Edwards Depot in Hinds Co., was single, was 6 ft in tall, of fair complexion with auburn hair and was a carpenter by occupation.

He was present at Chickasaw Bayou, Champion Hill, Big Black, and the siege of Vicksburg.He was a POW and and was paroled at Vicksburg 7 Jul 1863. He was captured at Silver Creek 20 Sep 1864 and sent to Camp Douglas, Chicago, as POW until transferred May 1865 to New Orleans for prisoner exchange.


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