Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Photos by Bryan Skipworth

Joseph Smollen
Co. K
12 Miss Inf


Joseph Smollen was age 29 in 1861 when he enrolled in Port Gibson in Capt. J. G. Hastings’ Co. Claiborne Guards.

"This company was successively designated as Captain Hastings' Company and Captain Hughes' Company, Mississippi Volunteers, and as Captain Hughes' Company, (Old) Company H, and (New) Company K, 12th Regiment Mississippi Infantry. The 12th Regiment Mississippi Infantry was organized in May, 1861, of companies which had previously been in the State service and was mustered into the Confederate service for twelve months. About April, 1862, the regiment was reorganized and the letters of all companies, except D, were changes."


It is possible that Joseph was actually buried on the edge of Soldiers Rest, beneath the magnolia tree there, as stated by the cemetery records. This stump may be what remains of his grave marker. The upper portion of the marker may have rested on the ground long enough to be buried in layers of leaves and grass.

Joseph Smollen was 29 when he signed on with the Claiborne Guards, Mississippi Volunteers, on 23 Mar 1861
in Port Gibson.

From census of Brookhaven Post Office, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., Miss., 16 Jun 1870. Joseph Smallin is a marble cutter. He and his wife, M, were born in Ireland.

So many of the Confederate soldiers were from other countries, come to start a new life in American.




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