Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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Photo by Wayne McMaster

In Memory of
Our Brother
Henry Fulton
In Peoria, Ill.
Nov 7, 1830
Died In Vicksburg, Miss.
Sept 2, 1884

Death loves a shining mark.
Farewell Brother
We will meet in Heaven





A foot marker for a grave, with the initials H. F.

Possibly belongs to the Henry Fulton burial.


May be the Pvt. H. Fulton, 28th Miss Cav, Co. I , who deserted 17 Jul 1862, according to the Regimental Return for July 1862.

Many things could cause a soldier to be unaccountably absent from his regimental unit -- capture by the enemy, illness, or simply lateness in returning to duty after leave. This might warrant further research. In fold3, this man has only the cards below, a cover card and a Regimental Return card.

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