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Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten


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John M. Bratton
Co. I
Wirt Adams Reg

J. Bratton of
1 Miss Lt Arty, Co. I

A soldier J. Bratton in this service record enlists in Aug 1862 in Brookhaven at age 34. On 13 Dec of the same year, he is sent sick to the hospital in Vicksburg. It is not until May 1863 that his unit is notified that he had died at the Vicksburg hospital on 29 Dec 1862, of diarrhea. NOTE that this service record may not be that of this John M. Bratton, however, the time and place fits. Research still ongoing.


1st Regiment Mississippi Cavalry
Wirt Adams' Regiment Cavalry

Bratton's name does not appear in the service records for this regiment, but it is not unusual for a soldier's record to be missing.

Left, J. Bratton's card from his compiled service record at fold3.com/image/20/66956661/

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