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John Riley
G. A. Lone Star
1 I L Texas Vol.
Oct 1841
Sep 30, 1862


Photo by Eddy Cresap
John Riley
Co. A
Wall's Tex
Oct 1 1862

[Waul's Texas Legion]


Photo by Wayne McMaster

The soldier's name wraps over the top of marker.

The "1 I L" on the front of the marker stands for 1st Inf, Co. L (Lone Star Rifles). This group was organized in Galveston Co., Tx.

In fold3.com, his compiled service record is under the name of J. Rieley. He is a Private in Co. A, Waul's Legion (Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery).

He signed on 8 Oct 1861 in Galveston at age 20. He later re-enlisted for the length of the war and was paid a bounty.

His birthplace was Ireland. He was single and lived in Galveston.

His name has also been seen as Reily.

On the company muster roll card for Sept - Oct 1862 is the remark, "Died Sept 30, 1862. Pay due as private from Aug. 31."

The Fisher Funeral Home Records (Vicksburg) compiled by Mary Lois Ragland shows a John Riley buried 1 Oct 1862, having "died at camp." This soldier is also shown in this same record as associated with Waul's Texas Legion, Co. A.

The diary of Edwin R. Rich of Co. A mentions the death of John Riley. "John Riley Co. A Waul's Legion (W L) Texas volunteers. Died of sunstroke between Tallulah, La. and Vicksburg on Sept. 30,1862, while Waul's Legion was on the way from Texas to Mississippi." *

Texas Volunteers were located in Virginia while others were in Texas, including John Riley. Soldiers were sent from Texas to aid in the defense of Vicksburg.

See also http://texas-brigade.org/1st_tex/1tex.htm

and especially http://texas-brigade.org/1st_tex/1texrostercol.htm where he is not listed, but note that records are not always complete.

(Both URLs last accessed 29 Jun 2018.)



For "(over)" see next image below.






Card showing he was born in Ireland,
was single, and lived in Galveston.


The death date of J. Rilley is recorded under Remarks,
"Died Sept. 30, 1862."


Another soldier John S. Riley

A soldier Pvt. John S. Riley, age 43 on enrollment, was also in Waul's Texas Legion (Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery), Co. A.

George Martin has summarized this Riley's NARA cards / military record thus:

"John S. Riley, 43, Private, Company A, Waul’s Texas Legion, enlisted April 24,1862, at Burleson, Texas, by Capt. Thomas for 3 years or the war, bounty paid, captured near Grenada, Miss., August 17/18, 1863, forwarded to Corinth, Miss., subsequently forwarded to Memphis, Tenn., for exchange, sent to Alton, Ill. September 2, 1863,, arrived September 7, escaped from Small Pox Island July 1864, resident of Bourbon County, Texas, no further records." -- Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Texas.






A card from the compiled record of John S. Riley showing his unit and enlistment date.

(Burleson is on the southern outskirts of Fort Worth.)


See his record at fold3.com https://www.fold3.com/image/271/16024152


A Short History of Waul's Texas Legion

All images of the compiled service records are from fold3.com



* (The Diary of Edwin E. Rice, Co. A, Waul's Legion, original document is in the Galveston and Texas History Center, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tx.)
Many thanks for the special gem of John Riley's diary excerpt from Bill McCue of the Texas in the Civil War Message Board.

Thanks also to James E. Williams, George Martin, Sam Price, and Eddy Cresap.


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