CSA Soldiers Interred at Soldiers' Rest
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Vicksburg, Mississippi


3d Lieut
Alfred K. Stalcup
Co. F
39 Tenn Mtd Inf
Jun 29, 1863

Alfred King Stalcup, 3rd Lieut., 39th Tenn. Mtd. Inf., Co. F, enrolled 27 Mar 1862 in Mouse Creek, Tenn., enlisting after the muster roll was made out. He was 24 years old.

On 20 Feb 1863, he was "Detailed Brigade Forage Master."

On 29 Jun in Vicksburg, he was "Killed by a sentinel mistaking him for an enemy." He was most likely returning from a night foraging trip.

Alfred K. Stalcup, the son of Moses Stalcup and his second wife Nancy Cole, was born 1836-38 in McMinn Co., Tenn. His brothers also served with him in Co. F -- Elias Martin Stalcup (his half-brother), Moses Stalcup, Levi Hurd Stalcup, and David J. Stalcup. Alfred's brothers survived the war.

Alfred married Ann Caroline Wilhite in the 1850s and was the father of William King Stalcup 25 Aug 1862.

A regimental biography of his 31st (39th) Tenn. Inf. CSA is written by Col. William M. Bradford and is published in Lindsley's Military Annals of Tennessee (1886). Of note is the entry concerning the siege of Vicksburg where Col. Bradford writes (pg. 465), "Our regiment remained in Vicksburg during the siege--suffered greatly by privations, and lost about twenty men...." Lieut. Stalcup's foraging expeditions and responsibilities were undoubtedly of great import to the men and support animals.

Lieut. A. K. Stalcup appears in the memorial report of the Annals on pg. 467.

Above, his rank going in (Private) and going out (3 Lieutenant).


Right, Alfred K. Stalcup, age 24, enrolled 27 Mar 1862 at Mouse Creek, Tenn., for 12 Mos.

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This Company Muster Roll card for March and April 1863 contains on the remarks line: "Detailed Brigade Forage Master since Feb. 20."


On the Company Muster Roll card for May and June of 1863 is the note of his death, 29 Jun 1863, "Killed by a sentinel mistaking him for an enemy." On this card we can see where he re-enlisted, his period of enlistment changing to "3 yrs or the war."

Thanks to Kenneth Byrd, Indianapolis, IN, for contributing information on his distant cousin, Lieut. Alfred K. Stalcup.

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