CS Naval Men at Soldiers' Rest
CSA Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi
within Cedar Hill Cemetery

Not Forgotten





Other scenes near Soldiers Rest in Cedar Hill Cemetery


William G. Montgomery
Nov 22, 1862
This man, however, is believed to be
William Gill of
Capt. James E. Montgomery's
River Defense fleet
d. 22 Nov 1862, Vicksburg, MS
bur. Soldiers' Rest
Died in the City Hospital

W. R. Hicks
d. 4 Dec 1862
d. Vicksburg, MS
Died on the boat [returned prisoner]

J. H. Pucket
Jun 14, 1863
Exchanged prisoner
Died on the Steamer City of Missouri

D. J. Raney
Dec 4, 1862
Returned prisoner
Died on boat

Photograph by Bryan Skipworth

William A. Hicks
Born Nov. 3, 1841
Died April 30, 1862
20 Yrs. 5 Mos..& 27Dys




Researching the CSS Ram Arkansas

Left is Gunnersmate Bryan Skipworth of the Confederate Steam Ship Ram Arkansas on shore leave at Vicksburg. He and Pvt. April Skipworth, Vol., were visiting the Living History event at the Old Courthouse Museum.

Below is Quarter Gunner, R. Bohlman, C.S.N.,late of the CSS Ram Arkansas, now attached to the CS Naval Station, Jackson, Mississippi.

Both Skipworth and Bohlman are Confederate Naval re-enactors, researching the grave sites for sailors and men from the CSS Ram. Arkansas.

The CSS Arkansas confronted the Federal fleet that was besieging Vicksburg in the summer of 1862.

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Here, Quartergunner Bolman is shown in his summer and winter C.S.N. uniforms.




Other scenes near Soldiers' Rest in Cedar Hill Cemetery

"Teach your children who these dead men were. Tell them of their lofty courage. Instruct them in their virtues."

-- Capt Ellis, Confederate Memorial Day, 1874, on the dedication of the Confederate Memorial in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA


To honor  my Confederate soldiers, many of whom served in the 7th Miss Inf., Co. B.


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