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B. D. Wamack
Co. I, 3 Miss. Regt
Miss. Vols.
Yazoo Co.
Sep. 26, 1837
Died in Vicksburg
Aug. 13 1862

A tribute of respect
By the Members
of Co. I, 3 Miss. Regt. Miss. Volunteers.

[This last text is around and below the flag medallion.]



B. D. Womack
Co. I
3 Miss Cav
Aug 13, 1862

Last name is spelled Wamack on his original marker. On his government marker (above), his name is spelled Womack. Fold3 has his records under Womack.


Pvt. B. D. Wamack or Womack mustered into service 31 Aug 1861 in Benton, MS. Perhaps he was hoping to muster into the “Yazoo Rebels” under Capt. Powell. However, he found the name had been changed to the John M. Sharpes and S. M. Dyer had been elected captain of the company. He mustered into service with them 5 Oct at Camp Clark at Bay St. Louis.

This company became (Old) Co. C and (New) Co. I, 3rd Miss. Inf.

His name is seen on his compiled service record mostly as Womack and is seen once in the record as Wormack. It is Wamack on his grave marker which was supplied by his friends, as indicated on the marker itself.

In the following entry, Lt. McCormack calls him Benett.

There is mention of this soldier in Grady Howell’s book, To Live and Die in Dixie: A History of the Third Mississippi Infantry, CSA, pg. 146, where Lt. McCormack writes in a letter on Thursday, Aug 14, 1862:

Disease is playing conspicuously amongst us. Never since we sacrificed the endearments of home and formed a little band to go forth and strike for liberty, have we felt its devastating influence more deeply, than when we saw it seize the manly person of our friend B. D. Womack, and forced him to relinquish his earthly career. Benett was a favorite with us and we greatly lament his loss.

The old marker is difficult to read, but one can make out around the flag and rifles engraving the words, “A tribute of respect By the Members of Co. I, 3 Miss. Regt. Miss. Volunteers.” He was buried in the Potter’s Field section of Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. This marker may very well mark his burial place as it was placed by those who knew him.




This card shows the cause of his death, "congestion of the brain."

This card from his fold3.com records show his death date, 13 Aug 1862.


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