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Daniel Arnold
3 Miss Cav
May 24, 1863

Daniel Arnold was a Private in Co. D of the 3rd Cavalry Regt, according to his grave marker. The web site, fold3.com, has his compiled military records and lists Pvt. Arnold in 3rd Batt. Miss. Inf. (State Troops).

He enlisted 4 Feb 1863 in Columbus, Miss. His occupation was a farmer. He was age 54 at the time of his death. He "died of wounds received in battle in Vicksburg."

The paperwork below shows his wife's name, Anna, and gives his death date as 23 May 1863.


Above, pay owed to soldier Daniel Arnold is made to his widow Anna Arndale.
Here, it is stated that he died 23 May 1863.
The paper is dated 23 Dec 1863.


Daniel Arnold had enlisted 4 Feb 1863 at Columbus, Miss., for an "indefinite" period.

His company muster roll card notes for period 28 Feb to 17 Jul 1863 that he
"died of wounds received in battle in Vicksburg May23 '63." Record at fold3.com


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