CSA Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

T. A Hicks
27 Regiment
La. Vols.
Co. I
25 years

T. A. Hicks, born abt 1837, was a member of the 27th Regt Louisiana Vols., Co. I.

The Fisher Funeral Home records, compiled by Mary Louise Ragland, pg. 149, shows, "Hicks, S. A., 21 May 1862; Co.  J, La. Reg; Grave 29."Concerning the apparent discrepancies between the marker and the record, note that the handwritten "I" and the "J" in period records are similar and that the "J' usually extends below the writing line. Hicks' company is I.





This burial appears to be an original burial with an original grave marker. This marker is in the style of those seen in the Louisiana grouping.


This card at left notes that T. A. Hicks "Died on 20 May 1862 of measles [at] Vicksburg, Miss."

He had enrolled 4 Apr 1862 in New Orleans for three years or the war.

A note dated 21 May 1862 from an administrator of the City Hospital stating that the hospital will furnish the burial expenses for T. A. Hicks and that the coffin should allow for a 6-ft, 4-in body.

Note here how the handwritten name of T. A. Hicks seems to be S. A. Hicks, another instance of look-alike capital letters.



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