CSA Soldiers at Soldiers' Rest
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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Jian Peine Brung
[Jan Pierre Bourg]
Co. C
1 La Arty
Mar 21 1863
This soldier is at
as Jan Pierre Bourg.

His compiled service records follow.


Cards for Nov-Dec 1862 and Jan-Feb 1863 have the same note in the Remarks section.

Conscript joined Oct 20, 1862, pr [per?] O[rder] No. 9, Head Q. [Headquarters] Hv. Arty [Heavy Artillery].

A further note is added --Died at Vicksburg, Miss, 21 Mar 1863. Due for Ordce $ for one Haversack & one Canteen and strap.


The surname on the grave marker should be Bourg. This name, handwritten on Louisiana census forms, can easily be mistaken for Brung.

To illustrate, here is a page of the Louisiana state census for 1860 from Ancestry.com that includes a Bourg family, and following is a section of that page is shown here. Not yet sure that this is our Jan Pierre Bourg. Note also how the name Pierre can appear in handwriting as Piene.



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