CSA Veterans at Anshe Chesed Cemetery
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

David Beer
Born in
Oct 25, 1837
Mar 2, 1896


He mustered into service on 28 Sep 1861 at
Camp Clark Bay in St. Louis, Miss.

No mention of desertion. In Jun 1862, he had joined his company from desertion.

David Beer served in the 7 Mississippi Inf.,Co. C. He entered and left service as a Private.


He is interred at Vicksburg's Jewish Cemetery, Anshe Chesed Cemetery.


On the company muster roll of May and June of 1862, it is noted in the Remarks section, "Absent sick on Surgeons Certificate since 25th March 1862. Joined from desertion."


Note: Though "desertion" is noted above, it should be remembered that a soldier who was late returning from leave and did not notify his commanding officer where he was would be considered "deserted."

However, see card at left for the Jun and Oct 1862 company muster roll. He is shown as still ill but no mention is made of desertion, probably because in Jun of 1862, he "joined from desertion."

On the next muster, Nov and Dec 1862, he was still absent and marked ill. The Remarks section reads, "Sick since Mar last..." He has submitted a Certificate for Discharge. The word food is mentioned(?).

He was discharged by order of Gen. Bragg on 28 Feb 1863.

On his discharge papers, he is described as born in Barana, Germany, being 25 years of age, being about 5 feet tall, having fair complexion, blue eyes and black hair, and by occupation a merchant.

The discharge certificate, dated by the commander 25 Dec 1862, is shown below. It can be difficult to read some parts.

The surgeon wrote that Beer was "incapable of performing the duties of a soldier" because he had Articular Rheumatism with general debility. He recommended Beer be discharged.


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