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J. M. Furlow
Co. K
Wither's Arty
Apr 1, 1862
Pvt. James M. Furlow enlisted 6 Jun 1862 in Jackson, Miss., for three years or the war. He was 27 years old. He was born in Copiah Co., Miss., and was a farmer.

"Died in Hospital at Camp Parker Aug 10 1862."

The tiny X over the middle initial above indicates a discrepancy in the records.

Here is his place of birth (Copiah Co.) and occupation (farmer).

Again, it states, "Died at Camp Parker near Vicksburg Aug 10 62."

The "Descriptive List" gives his age (37) and his height (5' 8"); his complexion and hair are light and his eyes are hazel.

Once again we see he is a farmer and was born in Mississippi.

He died 10 Aug 1862 near Vicksburg, cause given, "Killed in action."




These are front and back images.

Someone has sought information on James Madison Furlow and these are the returns transcribed in the column at right.

"Respectfully returned to file with the information that the name James Madison Furlow has not been found on the rolls, on file in the Department, of any CSA organization.

"One James M. Furlow Pvt. Co. A, 1 Reg. Miss. Vols (Army of 10,000) CSA. Enlisted Nov. 29/61 at Grenada Miss. & was Dis(charged) Jan. 26, 1862 at Columbus, Ky.

"Also James M. Furlow, Ark. Co. K, 1 Reg Miss. L. Arty., enlisted June 6/1862 at Jackson. Died in Hospt. at Camp Parker near Vicksburg, age 27, height 5-8, complex light, hair light, eyes hazel, occupation, nativity Miss.

"He is also shown killed in action Aug 10 1862 near Vicksburg."

J. M Furlow is also shown on a Register of Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease. Date of decease 10 Aug 1862 near Vicksburg.



This is the back of the image below. Documents were often folded and filed in thirds. The blank sides have been cropped away.

Voucher No. 9
Paid Oct 7th 1862
J. M. Furlow
Private C. S. Army
From 6 June 1862
To 10 Aug 1862

Co. K Withers
Lt Arty


Above right, "I certify that the within named J. W. Furlow a private of Captain G. F. Abbays Company (K) Withers Light Artill(ery) Regiment, Born in the County of Copiah State of Mississippi. Aged 28 years 5 feet 5 inches high dark complexion dark hair and hazel eyes and by profesion a Farmer, was enlisted by Captain G. F. Abbay at Jackson Miss on the 6th day of June 1862 to Serve for 3 years or the war. Died on the 10th day of August 1862 at Camp Parker Hospital.

The Said J. M. Furlow was last paid by ____ to include the ____ day of ____ 1862 and has pay due him from that time to the present date.

There is due him ____ dollars traveling expenses from the lace of discharge to ____ to the place of enrollment transportation not being furnished in time.

There is due him Thirty-Four Dollars & 25.00 commutation money.

He is indebted to the Confederate States $6.10 dollars on account of 1 Shirt (over) (2.85) and 1 pr Shoes 3.25.

Given in duplicate at Jackson Miss. this the 8th day of October 1863.

(signed) G. F. Abbay Capt.
     Co. K Withers Lt Artil Reg


For pay from 6 June 1862 to 10th day of August 1862 being one month & twenty four days @ $12 per month  --  $34.00
Commutation for clothing  --  25.00
Amount -- 59.00
Deduct for clothing drawn  --  6.10

Balance Paid  --  $52.90


Received of ____ C. S. Army this the ____ day of Oct 1863 ____ dollare and ____ cents in full of the above account.

(Signed duplicate)

Thos. C. Fraser (?)

T. W. Furlow Attorney
for Mary E. Furlow


Before Mary E. Furlow can receive any pay due her husband, she must prove she is his rightful wife. She appeared before a Justice of the Peace in Copiah Co., Miss., with her attorney and a witness to vouch for her. This 2-page document is transcribed below.

September ____th

State of Mississippi
Copiah County

On this 24th day of September 1862 before the subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county and state personally appeared Mary E. Furlow and made oath of the Holy Evangellist of Almighty God that she is the wife of James M. Furlow deceased late a private of Captain Abbays Company Company K Withers Light Artillery Mississippi volunteers and that said deceased left no will and she is therefore entitled to the arrears of pay due that may be found due and deceased from the Confederate States. And at the same time also appeared John Temple and made oath as aforesaid that the facts as sworn to by the claimant are true and that he is not interested therein.

(signed) Mary E. Furlow [seal]
(signed) John Temple [seal]

Sworn to and subscripted before me this 24th Sept 1862. J. C. Hendrall J. P.
[Your compiler is not sure of this name. See the image.]

State of Mississippi
Copiah County

Know all men by these presents that I Mary Furlow the above named wife of James M. Furlow deceased and whose name is attached to the foregoing affidavit have made and constituted and do hereby make [and] constitute and appoint Thomas W. Furlow of said Company and Regiment above mentioned my true and

lawfully attorney for me and in my name, place and stead to receive and collect of the Confederate States of America all the arrearages of pay that may be found due the said James M. Furlow deceased from the said Confederate States and which the undersigned is by law entitled to receive hereby giving to my said Attorney full power to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever and necessary to be done in and about the promises as fully as I might or could do if personally present. In witness which of I have here unto set my hand and affixed this seal this 24th day of September 1862.

(signed) Mary E. Furlow  (seal)

State of Mississippi
Copiah County

Personally appeared before the undersigned Justice of the Peace in and for the said county the above named Mary E. Furlow who on oath states that she signed, sealed and delivered the above named power of Attorney as her act (?) and deed for the purpose therein contained.

Given under my hand & seal 24 Sept 1862 J. G. Hudnall J. P. (seal)

J. M. Cook, Clerk of the Probate Court

State of Mississippi
Copiah County

All records above from www.fold3.com/image/66992033/

Note the copyist's handwritten
"See also 1 Miss L Arty" at bottom of card.

Is this the same James M. Furlow as above? This soldier enlisted 29 Nov 1861 in Grenada, Miss., in 1st Miss. Inf, Co. A (Army of 10,000). He signed up for 60 days. He was discharged 26 Jun 1862.

See this record at www.fold3.com/image/271/68394175/

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