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William T Bowen
Co. F
27 La Inf
Aug 9, 1862


A memorial stone for William T. Bowen has been placed in the Cooper Wells section of Cedar Hill (Vicksburg City Cemetery).

See Booth's Index to Louisiana Confederate Soldiers at
http://www.lascv.com/booth.html, specifically,
http://www.lascv.com/bo8.html, which gives this information.

W. T. Bowen, Pvt, enlisted 7 May 1862 in Monroe, La., in the 27 La. Inf, Co. F. On the muster roll card for Jul and Aug 1862, it is noted that he died "at Hospl., Miss. Springs, Aug. 9th, 1862."

His compiled service record is at

W. T. Bowen enlisted in Monroe, La., 7 May 1862, age 21. He received a fifty-dollar bounty for signing on. He died in the hospital at Mississippi Springs 9 Aug 1862.

The cover page of his compiled service record.

Above, a document from one of the Confederate offices shows his first name is William. On the document below, we see he was called Willy.


The enrollment document shown below reads:

I, Willy T. Bowen, born in Duplin County in the State of North Carolina, aged twenty one years, and by occupation a farmer do hereby acknowledge to have voluntarily enlisted this seventh day of May in the Army of the Confederate States of America for the period of three years or the war unless sooner discharged by proper authority; Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations, and clothing, as are may be established by law. And I, Willy T. Bowen do solemnly swear that I will bear the true faith and allegiance to the Confederate States of America and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies and opposers whomever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the Confederate States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.

Sworn and subscribed to at Monroe, La.
this seventh day of May 1862.

After signing off on a statement saying that this soldier was not drunk or mentally impaired in the moments before he enlisted, S. W. Odell gave a physical description of Willy Bowen thus:

"The soldier has blue eyes, auburn hair, florid complexion, is five feet 10 1/2 inches high."

It was at this time that soldier Bowen was paid his bounty of $50.


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