CSA Men Interred at Cooper Wells
With Memorial Markers At
The CSA Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten

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Lastie Bertrand
Co. I
28 La Inf
Sep 6, 1862


A memorial stone for Lastie Bertrand has been placed in the Cooper Wells section of Cedar Hill (Vicksburg City Cemetery).

Booth's Index to Louisiana Confederate Soldiers at
http://www.lascv.com/booth.html, specifically,
http://www.lascv.com/bo6.html gives the following:

Lastie Bertrand of 28 La Inf (Thomas') enrolled 15 Apr 1862 in New Orleans. On the roll for Sep and Ocyt 1862, he is marked, "Absent. Sick. Sent to Gen. Hospl., Miss. Springs. June 11th, 1862." The roll for Sep and Oct of 1862 note, "Died at Miss. Springs, Sept. 6th, 1862."

His compiled service record at
is under the name of Lastille Bertrand.






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