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(Believed to be)
J. F. St. Vollman
Co. F
20 Ark Inf
Sep 12, 1862
(Reported as Sep 20, 1862)

This marker may be that of Sergeant J. F. St. Vollman, 20th Ark Inf, Co. F.

The cards of his compiled service record are filed with "S." T. but he is also seen as "F." T. His surname is seen spelled Vollman, Volman, and Volkman.

According to the company muster roll report for 3 Mar to 2 May 1862, he enlisted in March of 1862 in Perryville, Ark., for a period of one year in the King's Regiment, Arkansas Inf, which soon became the 22nd Reg Ark Inf. That regiment in May 1862 became the 20th Ark Inf.

Until 15 May 1862, he was 5th Sergeant. On the Jul & Aug 1862 muster roll report, St. Vollman is "absent, sick,"  which may explain his rank change to private.

On the Sep & Oct 1862 report, still ranked as a private, "F." T. St. Volman  is reported, "Died September 20th."

See his record at www.fold3.com/image/271/223732677/


This card portion above from his compiled service record illustrates the various ways this soldier's name is spelled.

Though the last card we have for him in his compiled service record ranks him as a private, here he is shown as entering the service as a sergeant and leaving as a sergeant.


This is St. Vollman's paycheck for 3 Mar to 30 Jun 1862. It is dated 19 Aug 1862 and is made out to J. F. St. Vollman and signed by J. F. St. Vollman.
D. L. Brown witnessed this signature.

This is an enlargement of the upper portion of the check made out to "J. F. St. Vollman
Co. F 20th Regt. Ark Vol. In Hospital at Columbus."


This is an enlargement of St. Vollman's witnessed signature at the bottom of the check. Js are seen made this way, the letter on the the writing line and having no descender.

St. Volkman (St. Vollman) was made a 5th Sgt when he signed on with the King's Regt Ark Inf in Mar of 1862

Notice the different spellings of his name in these cards.

By the end of Jun of the same year, he was a Sergeant.

Here, his death date is recorded as 20 Sep 1862.

We should note that these compiled service records were written by copyists who were referencing original documents where the name was often written as it sounded.

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