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K. P. Tubber
[Kitchen Perry Tubb]
Co. F
20 Ala Inf
Mar 6, 1863

The compiled service record for Kitchen Perry Tubb is listed under Kitchen P. Tubb, K. Perry Tubb, and Perry Tubb.

However, in checking findagrave in hopes of finding where this soldier was re-interred, I found that his mother's father was named Kinchon Perry and it could be believed that this soldier's real name was Kinchon Perry Tubb.

According to his compiled service record, this is Kitchen Perry Tubb of Perry Co., Alabama.

His name more likely is Kinchon Perry Tubb. Explanation follows.

He enlisted in the 20 Ala Inf, Co. F, 10 Sep 1862.

On the company muster roll for his company for Jan - 15 Apr 1862, K. Perry Tubb was "Sent to Hospital in Chattanooga as nurse to his brother Sam'l Tubb April 13 [1862]." Samuel Tubb was "sent to hospital Chattanooga by Regt Surgeon about his arm shot off by accident April 13."

A Lion (actually Sion*) Tubb (age 22), also 20 Ala Inf, Co. F, was at the Chattanooga hospital 20 Apr 1862, and a Richard W. Tubb (age 18), was sent there 16 Apr of the same year. These two soldiers were also from Perry Co., Ala.

K. P. Tubb ill in Vicksburg

Our soldier, K. P. Tubb, on the Jan & Feb 1863 muster roll, was "Sent to Hospital at Vicksburg, Feb 19, 1863." It appears he died there 6 Mar 1863.

Left is the memorial marker for Kitchen Perry Tubb at Soldiers' Rest, Cedar Hill, Vicksburg. Sometime later, he was "Disentered and Sent Home" (Ragland, Fisher Funeral Home Records, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1854-1867, pg. 196). However, this compiler has not found his new grave.

This findagrave link shows the grave of Sion Tubb (Grave Memorial # 24504791). He may be the father of K. P. Tubb and Samuel Tubb, known to be brothers.

This Sion's wife is given as Rebecca Perry Tubb. Note on this findagrave page (Grave Memorial # 24504837)  that Rebecca was the daughter of Kinchon Perry. Was our soldier named after his grandfather? Was his name written 'Kitchen' because that was the way it sounded to the recorder to whom he reported?

These above mentioned burials are at Sardis Cemetery in Perry Co., Ala. Chances are that is where our Confederate soldier K. P. Tubb was re-interred, though I could find no record of that.


Compiled service records for the above soldiers --

Kitchen P. Tubb  fold3.com/image/9968877

Samuel Tubb fold3.com/image/9968912

Lion Tubb fold3.com/image/9968889

Richard W. Tubb fold3.com/image/9968899

*Read Sion Tubb, rather than Lion Tubb, see the name in original document at  fold3.com/image/9968895


Sion Tubb files claim for settlement of business concerning K. P. Tubb.

The compiled service record for Kitchen Perry Tubb is listed under Kitchen P. Tubb, K. Perry Tubb, and Perry Tubb.




A note on the brother Samuel Tubb

The card below is from the compiled service record of Samuel Tubb who lost his arm. This card shows a soldier of 20 Ala Inf, Co. F, and notes that he died 13 Sep 1862 at the Fairgrounds Hospital near Knoxville. He left "sundries" and $1.25, which were "Taken by S. L. Tubb." HOWEVER, this is believed NOT to be our Samuel Tubb.


"Our" Samuel was dischargd for disability 12 or 14 Jul 1862.

This card at left, included with Samuel Tubb's CSR, cannot belong to our Samuel.

This "S. Tubb" is given a death date of 13 Sep 1862, yet note--

 Kinchon Perry Tubb's brother Samuel was on a list of Perry Co., Ala., artificial limbs/arms, for 1867-1879. He was listed under Perry Co. for 1877 and 1878 as receiving $50.00. Doctors had certified that physically Samuel could not wear an artificial arm. Instead, he received the equivalent amount in money.

Our Samuel Tubb was also on a list of maimed soldiers who received pay under the act approved Feb 28, 1889.

More proofs can probably be found with census forms, but the focus for this page is on Kinchon Perry Tubb above.



In 1939, R. C. Tidmore applied for a headstone from the War Department for Samuel Tubb.
Date of Death is "Unknown." See this headstone in Perry Co., Ala., here.
(Ancestry.com, U. S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963)

So far, as stated, a re-interment site has not been found for K. P. Tubb.


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