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Vicksburg, Mississippi

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(Photo by Eddy Cresap)

W Gyram
Co. K
37 Ala Inf
May 30, 1863


This man is elusive. Or rather his name? According to his marker, he died 30 May 1863.

Fisher Funeral Home Records, pg.206, has his entry thus, "Wgyron, 30 May 1863; Co. K 37 Ala. Reg."

Cedar Hill's Sexton, J. Q. Arnold, listed him as W. Gyram, the information he was given for burial.

There is a possibility this is a W. Grymes or Grimes, but no Grimes in fold3.com fits the death date.

Perhaps fold3.com does not have W Gyram's compiled service record, it was lost, or no longer exists.

A web site for the 37 Ala Inf, Co. K, gives a roster for the company, showing only Wynn/Wynnes/Wynne. The same web site lists a "Wm. R. Wynn (Wynne)" in Co. K, but shows this soldier was killed Oct 1862 in Corinth.

Could our W. Gyram have been Pvt. James Wynnes, who died of his wounds at the siege of Vicksburg? This name has also been seen spelled as Jas. Wynne and James Wyman.

These are only suggestions as to the identity of this man.

Below are cards from the compiled service record of James Wynnes on fold3.


James Wynnes was 21 when he reported for the 17 Mar 1862 muster roll of Capt. Amerine's Company. This company would become Co. K, 37 Ala. Inf.


James "Wynne" enlisted 17 Mar 1861 at Spring Hill, Ala. He signed on for three years. He was attached to  Walker's Division Hospital in Brandon, Miss., 7 Dec 1861 and served as a cook. This particular muster roll covered 31 Mar - 31 Jul 1863. On the last line it is noted that extra pay was due him from 31 Mar to 29 Apr [1863].

Here his name has been mistaken as Wyman.


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