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Hector R. West, Jr.
Co. F
10 Regt
Miss Inf


He was 18 when he enrolled 26 Mar 1861
in Vicksburg for 12 months.


The signature of Hector Rowan West, Jr., from
a receipt for his pay, Dec 1861.

West, Hector Rowan., Jr., b. 1843; d. 1872; 10th Regt. Miss. Inf., Co. F; 18 years old when enrolled 26 Mar 1861 in Vicksburg. He was discharged 21 Dec 1861. On his certificate of discharge 21 Dec 1861, he is described as 5 ft. 9 ˝ in tall, “dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, and by profession when enlisted a student to serve for one year unless sooner discharged....” signed by J. E. White, Commander of Co. F, 10th Miss. Regt.

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At the end of the year, Hector West "Reenlisted Dec 17 in Capt. White's Co. E of Reg. M. V." [Mississippi Volunteers].

Below is the Certificate of Discharge for Hector R. West, dated 20 Dec 1861, interesting for the physical and biographical description of West.



This discharge was not the end of Hector's military service. The structure of the 10th Miss. Inf. changed. Companies were added or consolidated, and some men were discharged. Hector West (and his brother Amelius West) transferred to Capt. Raum's Co., Cav (Warren Dragoons) (Capt. W. C. Raum's Company of Cav., Lieut. Genl. Hardee's Escort), in which he enrolled 10 March 1862 in Corinth.



Paroled at Greensboro, N. C., May 1, 1865.

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The West Family at Cedar HIll Cemetery

Salassi notes that the cemetery lot in which this soldier was interred was sold to “Col. West.”

This Col. West is most likely this soldier's father, Hector Rowan West, also interred at Cedar Hill. (I a still trying to find this father's military record.) A census form for Hinds Co., Miss., dated 7 Nov 1850 gives Hector R. West, 42, planter, born in Virginia, as head of the family. Virginia O. West is 32, his wife, is shown as born in Tennessee. Children listed are Richard O., 13 (born in Ky); Louisa F., 11; Amilius C., (spelled as on census) 9; this Hector R., 7; Edward, 5; Elizabeth, 3; and Sarah, either 2 or 3 months (difficult to read her age on the census). The last six children were born in Mississippi, leading us to believe this family settled in Mississippi sometime between 1837 and 1839. See the 1850 and 1860 census forms below.

Virginia Overton West, mother of the above children, is also interred here at Cedar HIll.

Amelius C. West, Hector's brother, is buried nearby. He was also a CSA veteran. See his page here.


Hector Rowan West, the father of the above CSA soldier.
On this marker is written....

Hector Rowan West
was born in
Buckingham County,
October 19, 1808
Died in Vicksburg
September 29, 1854


For as in Adam all die, even so
in Christ shall all be made alive.
1st Cor., 15 Chapter, 22 Vr.


Sweet memories of thee oft may come,
Like dews at night upon the flowers,
And breathe a fragrance round our home
At daylight's closing hours.



Virginia Overton West

She was the wife of the above Hector Rowan West and the mother of the above children, including Hector R. West, Jr., and Amelius West.

1850 and 1860 Census Report Showing the West Family

Below are cropped images of the page heading and the pertinent section of that page showing the West family on the Hinds Co., Mississippi, census of 7 Nov 1850. (Image from ancestry.com)

Hector R. West, 42, Planter, Value of Real Estate Owned 20,000, born in Va.
Virginia O. West, 32, born in Tenn.
Richard O. West 13, born in Ky., attended school within the year.
Louisa F. West, 11, born in Mi(ssissippi), attended school within the year.
Amilius C. West, 9, born in Mi., attended school within the year.
Hector R. West, 7, born in Mi.
Edmond W. West, 5, born in Mi.
Elizabeth West, 3, born in Mi.
Sarah West, 2 or 3 mos., born in Mi.

Below are cropped images of the page heading and the pertinent section of the page showing the West family on the City of Vicksburg, Warren Co., Mississippi, census of 7 Jun 1860. (Image from Record at fold3.com)
Virginia West, 40, Farmer, Value of Real Estate 6000, Value of Personal Estate 5000, Place of Birth Tenn. [ditto from above], [No. of persons who] Attended school within the year 3
Richard West, 23, Place of Birth Ky.
Louisa West, 21, Place of Birth Mississippi
Amilius West, 19, Place of Birth Mississippi
Hector West, 17, Place of Birth Mississippi
Winston West [was called Edward on 1850 census], 15, Place of Birth Mississippi
Elizabeth West, 12, Place of Birth Mississippi
Sallie West, 10, Place Birth Mississippi


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