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Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Amelius C. West
Co. F
10 Miss Inf

A. C. West was enlisted by Lieut. Myers was age 20 when he enrolled on 26 March 1861 in Vicksburg into Capt. J. E. White's Company, 10 Reg't Mississippi Volunteers, old Co. F. He signed up for a period of 12 months. On 7 Sep 1861, he transferred to Capt. Peakes' Co.K.

The name on the service cards is A. C. West.

Amelius C. West is the brother of CSA veteran Hector R. West, Jr., also interred at Cedar Hill. See Hector's page for their family, burial information and census forms.

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Above, Amelius C. West was age 20 when he enrolled 26 Mar 1861 in Vicksburg.



From the bottom of the card at left:

"The 10th Regiment Mississippi Infantry was organized in March, 1861, with ten companies of 12-months men which were lettered A to K. Early in 1862 five new companies of 3-years men were added and lettered L to P. In March, 1862, some of the 12-months men were discharged, the others re-enlisted for two years, and the fifteen companies consolidated into eight companies and lettered A to H. Two new companies, formed of recruits, were added and lettered I and K."





Amelius West transferred when the structure of the 10th Miss. Inf. changed. Companies were added or consolidated, and some men were discharged. Amelius West and his brother Hector R. West, Jr., transferred to Capt. Raum's Co., Cav (Warren Dragoons) (Capt. W. C. Raum's Company of Cav., Lieut. Genl. Hardee's Escort), in which he enrolled 25 March 1862 in Corinth.



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