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Photo by Eddy Cresap

James M. Searles
1835 - 1916

James M. Searles
Capt. Co. G, Miles Legion
Confederate States Army
1835   1916



James M. Searles signed on with the Davis Guards as 1st Lieut. in Natchez, Miss., 18 Apr 1862, for the period of the war.

He was promoted to Capt. & R. 16 Feb 1863.
[The R may mean resigned or resignation.
See further on.]

Here, in the upper half of this letter dated 2 Jan 1863, James M. Searles tenders his resignation as Captain of Co. G, Miles Legion Louisiana Volunteers. He writes that due to impaired health, he has been unable to perform his military duty for several months.

His surgeon [doctor] writes in the bottom half of the letter that Capt. Searles suffers from a chronic condition "disqualifying him for military service."

Capt. Searles is granted a 20-day leave of absence after submitting his resignation.


A letter written to President Jefferson Davis by your obedient servant James M. Searles requesting his application be considered for a position in the Engineer Corps of the Confederate States Army.

The parole of honor of 1st Lieut. James M. Searles of the Engineer Corps, signed 11 May 1865 in Meridian.

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