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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

William M. Rockwood
Born Mar. 1, 1838
Died Sept. 26, 1878
President, Howard Association
Erected by his friends


William M. Rockwood was born in Tennessee, as were his siblings. On 7 Jun 1860, he married in Vicksburg, Virginia H. Jenkins.

He was with the 28 Miss. Inf. (Cav.), Co. C (Wiltshire, Mississippi Confederate Grave Registry)

According to his widow's application for pension in 1916, he was with the Mississippi Southerns, Co. A.

He fought under Col. Peter Starkes and under Col. D. N. Moody. He was in service four years and was honorably discharged at the surrender in 1865.

He was president of the Howard Society (somewhat like today's Red Cross). The Howard Society was instrumental in aiding the victims of the 1878 yellow fever epidemic throughout the lower Mississippi River populations. Like other members of the Society, Rockwood was a well-to-do man and could have fled the area to healthier living environments but chose to stay and help his fellow man. To the thousands of people the Howard Society assisted, he and the other members are heroes of this time.

On 26 Sep 1878, he succumbed to the yellow fever himself.

His friend and preceding President of the Howard Society, William Anner Fairchild, had died only days earlier.

For marriage date, see MSGHN's web site, Mississippi Marriages.

Virginia Rockwood's 1916 and 1924 applications for widows pension are found at




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