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Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Robert R. Hanna
Born in
Ireland 1835
Died in the
Vicksburg, Miss.
Sept 5, 1905
Aged 70 Years

This Robert Hanna at this was 20 when he was signed on 30 Aug 1861 in Memphis with Julius N. Klein's Warren Dragoons and Col. Wirt Adams' Reg't Miss. Vols. He must have agreed to supply his own horse, which was valued at $225. For that muster in Memphis, he was "absent sick" in Vicksburg.

His occupation was a sawyer.

This veteran is buried on the west edge of Soldiers' Rest.

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The Confederate Annex was a wing of the Vicksburg Hospital. It was built and financed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to house ill and indigent veterans.

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