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Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

John J. Groome
Nov 29, 1845
Jan 17, 1903



Private John Groome, 28th Miss. Cav., was a musician, a bugler, for Co. C.

His compiled service record is at

Above, his name is seen as Jonathan Groome.

At right, he enlisted 1 May 1862 in Jackson for a period of three years or the war.

Being in the cavalry, he supplied his horse and was paid forty cents a day for its upkeep.

Though he planned to serve throughout the war, he was discharged at the end of his first year for medical reasons.

Jonathan Groome, musician, received a Certificate of Disability for Discharge. He served in Capt. C. B. Buckner's Company of the 28th Miss Reg Inf, was 17 years old, was born in London, England, was five feet, six inches high, and of a light complexion with blue eyes and light hair. He was a student when he enrolled. He has been absent a much of the time he has been in service because of these mentioned health issues and we recommend his discharge.

Dated 15 Apr 1863 at Columbus, Mississippi




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