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Photo by Wayne McMaster
Otto Geiger
4 Miss Cav CSA
July 21, 1880


Photo by Wayne McMaster
In memory of
Otto Geiger
Born Dec 29, 1848
Died July 21, 1880
Aged 31 yrs. 6 mths. & 21 ds.

Weep not, dear parents,
Disturb not my rest
My saviour has called me.
He loved me best.

Erected by his mother.


Otto Geiger signed on with the 4 Miss Cav 15 Jul 1862 at Port Gibson for the period of the war. This card shows him present at the company muster roll for March 1 to June 30, 1864.

Otto Geiger was interred at Cedar Hill below Soldiers' Rest in the  family lot of Corp. Joseph L. Maganos, also in the 4 Miss Cav, and who also listed Rocky Springs, Claiborne Co., Miss., as his residence.




His record at

Otto Geiger was present on a roll of prisoners of war of Co. D, 4 Miss Cav, which surrendered at Citronelle, Ala., and was paroled
at Jackson, Miss., 13 May 1865.

He gives his residence as Rocky Springs in Claiborn[e] Co., Miss.

1880 United Stated Federal Census for Warren Co., Mississippi

Here is Otto Gieger [sic] (Column 3), 32, single, a grocer, born in Baden (Germany) (Column 24). Both his parents were born in Baden, as well (Columns 25, 26). He must be the the head of house as he is listed first. Two others, P. A.  Stuck and Mary Stuck, also born in Baden, live with him. Column 8, which is blank, is labeled "Relationship of each person to head of this family...." No relationship to head of house is shown on this form. The mark in Column 9 for Otto Gieger indicates "single." The marks in Column 10 for the two Stuck individuals indicate they are "married." If needed, Column 11 would indicate "widowed" or "divorced," but here it is blank.

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Mary R. Maganos applied to the War Department in April 1940 for a "Flat Marble Marker" to mark the grave
of Otto Geiger, Pvt., Co. D, 4 Miss Cav., who died 21 Jul 21 1880.

In small print in the lower right it reads in part, "It is understood the stone will be furnished and delivered at the
railroad station or steamboat landing above indicated, at Government expense, freight prepaid."

This marker came into the Illinois Central railroad station in Vicksburg.  (Image from


This is the Petition for Letters of Administration which Joseph Maganos and his wife Bertha filed
11 Oct 1880 after the death of her brother Otto Geiger. Otto died 21 Jul 1880 without a will,
leaving his sister Bertha as his "next of kin and heir."

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