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Photos by Bryan Skipworth

Charles Conway Flowerree
Oct 26, 1842
Sept 16, 1929



The signature of C. C. Flowerree
on a receipt of payment
4 Feb 1865


Jennie Wilson
Beloved wife of
C. C. Flowerree
Sept. 5, 1850
Dec. 15, 1926

Close-up of above name and date.


Flowerree, Charles Conway, also seen as Floweree, was born 26 Oct 1842 in Salem, Fauquier Co., Va. His name on his marker is spelled Flowerree.

He entered VMI in 1859, but on the outbreak of war, he was sent to Culpepper Court House, Va., to help organize the 7th Va. Reg. He mustered into service with the 7th Va Inf on 21 Apr 1861.

In May 1862, he was a Sergeant. He was appointed Lieut. Col. 24 Jun 1862; stationed at Taylorsville, Virginia.

He was severely wounded in battle at Manassas 30 Aug 1862 but present for duty in November. In the following Dec, he was apparently still recovering from his battle wound but was again present for duty. He appears on a 25 May 1864 list from Mobile, Ala., of "Officers of the Adjutant and Inspector General's Department on duty in District of the Gulf." A remark concerning Col. Flowerree states, "The services of this officer are indispensable." In July of 1863, he was promoted to Colonel.

He appears on a list of prisoners of war captured at Sailors [Sayler's] Creek, Virginia, 6 Apr 1865, and committed to Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D.C. and Johnson's Island, OH.

He was "subscribed and sworn to" an oath of allegiance 25 Jul 1865, wherein he was described thus -- age 22, his residence was Warrenton, Virginia, dark complexion, brown hair, gray eyes, and 5 ft. 11 in. tall.

He Is on a list of prisoners "received and disposed of by the Provost Marshall General, Army of the Potomac." He appears on the 1880 Federal census as an ice merchant living in Vicksburg. He was President of the Vicksburg Ice Company.

In Oct of 1895, this former Colonel of the 7th Virginia Infantry was elected treasurer of the Vicksburg National Military Park Association. The Association was to petition Congress for the establishment of a national military park at Vicksburg. The president of the Association was the Southern general, Stephen D. Lee. The Association spent several years presenting the Vicksburg Park Bill to Congress, and on 6 Feb 1899, thanks to the full-hearted efforts of the Association, it was passed. The Vicksburg National Military Park was established, the fifth battlefield to be set aside in perpetuity as a national military park.

He was a business man, a lawyer, a public official, and he was among those who worked to raise the money for a monument to Jefferson Davis in Richmond.

In Dec 1889, he was appointed to the large committee sent to New Orleans to attend the funeral of President Jefferson Davis. Other notables in the committee included Gen. W. S. Featherstone, Maj. Dockery, Charles Humphreys, J. H. D. Bowmar, Gen. S. W. Ferguson, and Gen. E. S. Butts.

Charles Conway Flowerree died at his plantation "Flowerree" near Vicksburg. He is interred at Cedar Hill beside his wife, Jennie Wilson Flowerree, daughter of Victor F. Wilson of Vicksburg. She was born 5 Sep 1850 and died 15 Dec 1926.

See his record at

Winschel, Terrence J., Triumph & Defeat: The Vicksburg Campaign, Vol. 2

A descendant perhaps has written Washington seeking information on this soldier.

Reference card showing alternate spelling of his name.

Flowerree entered service as a 2nd Lieut. and left as a Colonel.


His register of appointment for Lt. Col.

(courtesy of and
Col. C. C. Flowerree

The Flowerree House in Vicksburg

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