Known CSA Veterans at Cedar Hill
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Not Forgotten


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John B. Crichlow
21 Miss Regt C.S.A.
January 23, 1929



John B. Crichlow, Pvt., was b. 22 Sep 1843, Warren Co., d. 23 Jan 1929; 21st Miss. Inf.; enlisted 21 Aug 1862 in Vicksburg with Wirt Adams, Co. E, Warren Dragoons, according his pension application of 27 Aug 1921.

On 2 Sep 1929, his wife Helen made application for pension on a widow’s form (they had married on 8 Jan 1883).

Below, the civilian grave markers of this soldier and his wife in Cedar Hill below Soldiers' Rest.

John B. Crichlow
Sept. 22, 1843
Jan 23, 1929

Helen D. Crichlow
Sept. 23, 1856
May 21, 1939

Veteran John B. Crichlow and his wife Helen.



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