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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

A. J. Conklin
Apr. 2, 1836
Dec 21, 1926

Heaven's Eternal
Rest is Thine

Conklin, Andrew J. was born 2 Apr 1836. He died 21 Dec 1926.

He enlisted in the 48th Miss. Inf. 5 Mar1862 in Vicksburg and was detailed as brigade commissary clerk.

On 13 Mar 1863, he entered Mississippi Soldiers Hospital in Richmond, Va., with a blistered foot. The same day he is admitted to General Hospital Camp Winder in Richmond with a gunshot in foot.

 In May 1864, he was in the Richmond Hospital with a gunshot wound to the right thigh. The doctor notes that the ball was not extracted. After a week in the hospital, he is furloughed for two months for recovery.

On the company muster roll of Nov & Dec of 1864, he is noted as present but disabled.


See his record at https://www.fold3.com/image/271/84696218



His signature on the request for commutation of rations.

He entered hospital with a blistered foot and a gunshot
in his foot.

Remarks note "Wounded battle May 12, '64. On furlough." [Probably wounded at Spottsylvania Courthouse.]

This must have been his wound received 12 May of 1864. "V.S. Right thigh Ball not extracted.

[V.S. is Vul Sclopeticum, gunshot wound]


From the Jan & Feb 1863 company muster roll -- Conklin was "Detailed as Brigade Commissary Cle(r)k."

On the Nov & Dec 1864 company muster roll, he is present but "Disabled in Brigade Clerk [?] Dept."


A. J. Conklin applied for Confederate pension in 1922. He notes on his application that he was disabled because of gun shots he had received that required him to retire from the service before the war was over. Note his signature.

"We, the undersigned members of the Board of Inquiry, hereby approve the foregoing application of A. J. Conklin for pension because we believe the facts stated in the application are true and the party should receive a pension."

This application for pension was granted 4 Sep 1922.

(Pension images from http://mdah.state.ms.us/arrec/digital_archives/ and  http://mdah.state.ms.us/arrec/digital_archives/pensions/ at Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson.)

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