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Evert B. Cisco
Aug. 1, 1842
Aug. 17, 1902

Well done good and faith servant
Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.
-- Mat. 25, 23

Please see at end of this page the remarks on Evert Cisco's wife, Emma, who died sometime between 1918 and 1920.


Evert B. Cisco was enlisted 15 May 1861 at Vicksburg by Capt. D. N. Moody. He signed up "for the war." On the June 1861 Muster-In Roll, his age is given as 19.

His compiled service record for this regiment is at
and is in the name of Edward B. Cisco or E. B. Cisco.

On 23 Sep 1862 he was transferred to Capt. Moody's Company, (Madison Light Artillery), Louisiana Artillery. His compiled record there is at and is in the name of Everett (various spellings) B. Cisco or E. B. Cisco.

He enrolled 15 May 1861 in Vicksburg with Capt. D. N. Moody for the length of the war. He was 19.




Here, someone has written his name as Edward Cisco. He was born in Canada, was a saddler by occupation, resided in Vicksburg, was 22 and single when he enlisted, and he was "Transferred to Moody's Battery by Exchange Sept 1862."







At right, it is noted that "Everet" B. Cisco was "Transferred from Company A 21st Regt Miss Vol 23 Sept 1862."



Everett B. Cisco's name appears on a roll of prisoners of war surrendered by Lee to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, 9 Apr 1865.

The name of E. B. Cisco appears on an undated roll of paroled prisoners of war residing in Southern States. Perhaps the "La" is given as residence because Cisco then was serving or served in Louisiana Artillery?

On his Oath of Amnesty, signed 9 May 1865, Pvt. Everett B. Cisco, Moody's Co. Arty Hurt's Bat, gives his residence as Vicksburg. His complexion is light, his hair brown, eyes blue. He is 5 ft 5 in. tall.

Remarks state: "Paroled prisoner voluntarily surrendered his parole. Oath administered in accordance with letter of Lieut. Genl. Grant dated May 8/65."


On16 April 1864 at Richmond, E B. Cisco received from the Quarter Master $101, the full amount of Pvt. Cisco's account for "clothing for the year ending Nov. 1st, 1863." Note the signature of E. B. Cisco.


On the same day, Pvt. Cisco received his pay for four months, 1 Nov 1863 to 29 Feb 1864 at twelve dollars a month.


Emma and Evert were married 2 Dec 1869 in Warren Co., Miss.,, according to the compiled marriage index for Mississippi. Wife Emma B. Cisco applied 24 Aug 1921 for widow's pension on her husband's service in the 21st Miss. (Wiltshire's Mississippi Confederate Pension Applications, pg. 162 and Family Search).

Perhaps the B. stands for Emma's middle name. In the past, she had always used M., the initial of her maiden name, Melvin.

She gives her age as 76 and says she has always lived in Mississippi, that she and Evert Cisco married in 1869. Her husband served under Capt Moody ("now deceased") and was honorably discharged in Virginia at the close of the war. She now has no property, lives alone, and has only distant relations. Her husband died in Vicksburg (no year given).

Evert B. Cisco's middle name on his wife's application above appears to be Banks (?).

The back of this form carried signatures approving the pension for Mrs. Cisco on 5 Sep 1921.


Above is the Federal Census for 1870, Vicksburg, Warren Co., Mississippi. It shows in the last three lines the household of E. B. Cisco, carriage maker, and E. Cisco. He was born in New Jersey and she was born in Mississippi. J. L. Cisco, a carriage painter, also born in New Jersey, is living with them.

Both Emma and "Everard" are on the 1880 census and on the 1890 census at No issue are listed on the 1890 census. Her father was born Kentucky and her mother in Canada.

Both are on the 1900 census.

Evert B. Cisco is not found on the 1910 census. Emma is shown on this 1910 census as a wd (widow), with her father having been born in Kentucky and her mother, born in Canada. The 1910 Mississippi state census for Warren, Vicksburg 2, has the same information but spells her name "Sisco."



Wife Emma Melvin Cisco was born Oct 16, 1845, and is interred beside her husband. She appears to have died before the 1920 census.

Emma Cisco "(wid E B)" resides at 306 E. Grove St. in the 1906 Vicksburg, Mississippi, City Directory.

Emma Cisco "(wid Evert B.)" is listed in the 1914 Vicksburg, Mississippi, City Directory. Her residence is given as 1210 Grove St.

In the 1918 City Directory, she is still residing at 1210 Grove St., as "wid Evert B").

Emma was not found on the 1920 census.

From the above sources we can tell that Emma was living as late as 1918. She may have lived longer, but she is not on the 1920 census, nor is she in the 1922 Vicksburg, Warren Co., Miss., City Directory.

Still searching for her exact death date.

Emma Melvin was born in Mississippi and is on the 1860 census.

Emma Melvin Cisco is often shown with the wrong death date.

Here is a news article on a "Mrs. Cisco" who died 29 Jun 1863. She is NOT Evert's wife.

The image at right is from the 2 Jul 1863 The Daily Citizen newspaper of Vicksburg, Miss. It mentions the death of a "Mrs. Cisco" whose husband is in Virginia, a member of Moody's Light Artillery. The date of the death would have been Monday, 29 Jun 1863. Mrs. Cisco was hit by a fragment of metal from the shelling of Vicksburg during the 1863 siege. (The Daily Citizen, Vicksburg, Miss., Thursday, July 2, 1863)

However, note that this is NOT our Emma M. Cisco, wife of our CSA veteran Evert B. Cisco.

Instead, the deceased "Mrs. Cisco" is Catherine Fleming Cisco,  the wife of John L. Cisco of Vicksburg, who was also fighting in Virginia with Moody's Light Artillery. John and Catherine were married in Vicksburg on 21 Feb 1861. (Daily Evening Citizen 23 Feb 1861)




The image at right from the Richmond Enquirer is another notice of a Mrs. Cisco's death taken from the 13 Aug 1863 issue. This column relayed news from Vicksburg and offers no new information.




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