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Photo by Bryan Skipworth

John Cathell
Pvt 1 Miss Lt Arty CSA
January 1, 1869


John Cathell was born 1837 in Warren Co., Miss. He died 1 Jan 1869 in Warren Co. He enlisted in Brookhaven 11 Sept 1862 in the 1st Miss. Lt. Arty, Co. G. He was given extra duty as a teamster.

He was captured at Big Black River “near Vicksburg” 21 May 1863 and sent to Memphis, Tenn., 25 May. He appears to be a prisoner briefly at Camp Morton, Ind., on his way to Ft. Delaware (Del.), where he was received 9 Jun 1863 and exchanged 31 Jul 1863.

John Cathell was also shown on an undated list of prisoners at Camp Morton, Ind., probably while on being taken  to Ft. Delaware.

See his record at fold3.com/image/20/66960283/



John Cathell enlisted in Brookhaven 11 Sep 1862
for the length of the war.


He was captured at Big Black River 21 May 1863 and sent as prisoner of war to Memphis, Tenn.


Camp Morton was a stop on the way to Fort Delaware.

He was "received" at Fort Delaware, Del., 9 Jun
1863, and remained there until he was exchanged 31 Jul 1863.

This is the last card fold3 has for him, dated after his parole, showing his purchase of clothing.




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